Fall Guys clone Stumble Guys tops charts, racks up $21m+ revenue and 160m+ downloads to date


On mobile, Stumble Guys is eating Fall Guys’ lunch. 

Epic Games-owned Mediatonic made its hit battle royale platformer free to play on PC and console last month, and it hit 50m downloads two weeks later. 

But it’s nowhere to be seen on mobile. Enter Finland’s Kitka Games with Stumble Guys, a game that is, um, very clearly inspired by Fall Guys. 

According to Appmagic, Stumble Guys has earned Kitka Games $21.5m since launch, and has been downloaded over 163m times to date. Appmagic’s revenue data does not include Apple and Google’s 30% cut, so gross player spend will be higher. The figures do not account for revenue from in-game ad views, either.

At the time of writing, Stumble Guys is number one in the free iPhone game charts in the US and UK. According to Sensor Tower, Stumble Guys is 7th in the US Google Play download chart, and 8th in the UK.

Kitka Games was clearly paying attention when Fall Guys first arrived on PS4 and PC in August 2020. Stumble Guys soft launched shortly afterwards in October 2020, and averaged around 60-80k downloads per day during this period, before launching globally in January 2021. 

But the game really started gathering pace at the back end of 2021, according to Appmagic data, when – we assume – Kitka started spending big on UA.

The downloads since April 2022 in particular show the game tearing through the charts, with daily downloads hovering between 300-500k from January to March but then exploding from April onwards.

Stumble Guys downloads peaked on June 25 2022, when 1.5m players downloaded the game in one day. 

Slice those figures monthly and the game’s rise is even more impressive: Appmagic says Stumble Guys downloads were 8.9m in January, rising to 32.8m in June. 

Kitka Games’ website also claims that Stumble Guys has over 18 million daily players.

Stumble Guys’ daily revenue has rocketed in line with downloads. It broke $100k in daily revenue for the first time on April 1 2022, and after a lull mid-late April, has been on an extraordinary run – peaking at £309k on July 3 2022.

The monthly figures are just as eye-opening. Stumble Guys earned Kitka $861k in January 2022, and $6.6m in June 2022, according to Appmagic.

Fellow data provider Sensor Tower estimates that the game was downloaded 22.5m times in June, and took $9m in gross revenue, including Apple and Google’s 30%. That leaves $6.3m for Kitka Games in June alone. 

Stumble Guys is the only title from Finland’s Kitka Games on the App Store or Google Play. According to LinkedIn, the developer only has five staff.

CEO Olli Lahtinen is the former CEO at Immobile Games, which made Fingersoft-published title Boom Karts, released in June 2021. Kitka Games’ CFO Teemu Määttä is the former COO and CFO of Critical Force, maker of PvP FPS Critical Ops.

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