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Mobilegamer.biz delivers exclusive news, interviews and insights to a global mobile games industry audience.
Last month Mobilegamer.biz attracted over 36,000 visitors, and our newsletter has over 2,600 subscribers.
It is published by former App Store, Edge, Official Nintendo Magazine and MCV editor Neil Long.
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Neil Long started his media career almost 20 years ago on UK games industry publication MCV, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become editor at the tender age of 24.

He then moved into consumer journalism as editor of Official Nintendo Magazine, and later became editor-in-chief of all Nintendo products at Future Publishing.

After creating and launching interactive iPad magazine iGamer, he moved into online journalism as editor of edge-online.com.

In 2014, he took up a role at Apple as App Store games editor. There he assumed responsibility for featuring decisions and editorial strategy across Europe, and was part of the team that helped launch App Stores on the Apple Watch and Apple TV, as well as the App Store’s UK Today tab and Apple Arcade. 

Neil was responsible for the editorial launch of countless games, including Clash Royale, Monument Valley 2, Brawl Stars, Candy Crush Friends Saga, Beatstar and more. He was also part of the team that debated and selected Apple’s Game of the Year and Apple Design Award nominations.


(See if you can spot where the viral John Riccitiello “fucking idiots” story was published.)

In February this site was visited by over 36,000 readers, a record outside of that viral story from July 2022.

There’s also the newsletter. It goes out every Friday, and has just passed 2,600 subscribers. It’s a concise, no-fluff round-up of the last week’s news and features, with a little bit of exclusive commentary or behind the scenes stuff for good measure.

Who’s reading

Mobilegamer.biz readers are mostly founders and CEOs in the mobile game development, investing, marketing and data industries.

Neil’s LinkedIn following (above) shows you the level of seniority.


“Within a few months of launch mobilegamer.biz became my go-to source for industry news. In an age of endless twitter punditry and copy-paste journalism Neil’s instinctive filter for what’s worth paying attention to in the world of mobile games has proven invaluable.”
Simon Hade, Space Ape cofounder

“If you are looking for independent, original and authentic press, mobilegamer.biz is your go-to news site. Neil is following the industry hands-on, reporting the breaking news in all transparency and drawing on his unique background as editor. The content is always fresh, snackable and insightful for executives in the gaming industry.”
Eren Gökgür, Google apps and gaming partnerships 

“Mobilegamer.biz is quickly emerging as a source of super high quality commentary, insightful analysis and relevant news. I recommend it to all my friends and colleagues.”
Akin Babayigit, Tripledot Studios cofounder & COO

“You can’t imagine how often people share the articles in our work Slacks across many companies, I think our ‘news and other games’ channels are like 50% articles from mobilegamer.biz.”
Maria Maunula, Rovio producer

“I recommend mobilegamer.biz to all my peers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the games industry. Neil is direct and fearless in his reporting and insights, and his passion for the industry shines through in every article. ”
Anette Staloy, DirtyBit CMO

“Mobilegamer.biz is the new reference point to be up to date on the mobile gaming market.”
Felipe Mata, FunPlus Barcelona lead

“Mobilegamer.biz is essential, informative reading. It has frequent scoops and really relevant angles and insights on industry-specific issues that other sources don’t find or have the experience to be able to surface.”
Neil McFarland, First Light Games co-CEO

“Mobilegamer.biz has easily the most trustworthy content in mobile.”
Arseny Lebedev, Original Games cofounder and CEO


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