The soft launch games you need to know about


Take a peek at what’s next from mobile’s biggest developers. Games listed in alphabetical order.

Apex Legends Mobile
Tencent-owned studio Lightspeed & Quantum (Maker of PUBG Mobile) developed this edition of the hit Respawn / EA battle royale.

It is live in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia on iOS and Android.

Boom Beach Frontlines
Space Ape takes Supercell’s IP out for a spin in this multiplayer shooter that feels a bit like Brawl Stars, but with bigger teams and bigger, more complex maps. Currently live in Canada on iOS and Android.

Clash Mini
Supercell’s take on autochess naturally takes a few cues from Clash Royale. Available on iOS and Android in Canada, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

Clash Quest
The Clash cast star in this puzzle-battle-RPG adventure with lush production values. Currently available in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Philippines, Canada, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand on iOS and Android.

The studio formerly known as Frogmind, HypeHype, is now making ‘the TikTok for games’. It’s currently in soft launch in Finland and Philippines.

Marvel Super War
A first attempt at a Marvel MOBA, from NetEase. Available on iOS and Android in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and India.

Mighty Doom
Bethesda-owned studio Alpha Dog is making this Archero-inspired Doom spin-off. Available on iOS and Android in New Zealand and Canada.

Star Wars: Hunters
Zynga-owned Brighton studio BossAlien is making this multiplayer arena battler starring some new Star Wars characters. Available on iOS and Android in Philippines, Mexico and Brazil.

Tomb Raider Reloaded
Lara does Archero, in short. Emerald City Games, the folks behind Apple Arcade release Star Trek: Legends, are developing for Square Enix. Available in Thailand and Philippines on iOS and Android.

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