Papers, Please coming to mobile August 5


Papers, Please is getting a proper mobile release on phones and tablets, after the title was ported only to iPad back in 2014 then removed from the App Store.

It’s coming August 5 and has been reformatted for mobile screens, developer Lucas Pope confirmed on Twitter. It’ll be a paid app, and previous owners of the iPad version will be able to re-download the new version for free. 

Pope said on Twitter that there’s no new content in this version of the game, and that it took him eight months of work to complete the phone and tablet editions. 

Pope did not respond to questions on Twitter around whether his other beloved release, Return of the Obra Dinn, would also be coming to mobile. 

Pope is also busy working on Mars After Midnight, a game for indie handheld Playdate. Pope describes it as a “a little more light-hearted”.

“Think Papers, Please,-lite, with no border checkpoint, no desk, no paperwork, on Mars,” he says on the game’s devlog. “Actually maybe don’t think that. I only have the elements of a game and not the full thing yet, so things are still pretty open-ended.”

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