Mario Kart Tour has earned Nintendo $220m, with over 200m downloads to date


Nintendo has now earned over $220m from Mario Kart Tour since it launched in September 2019, racking up over 204m downloads along the way. 

Appmagic data sourced by suggests that over the last six months Nintendo has earned an average of $3.7m per month from 1.8m monthly Mario Kart Tour downloads. In the last 30 days, it’s averaging around $134k in daily revenue, and 69.5k downloads per day. Appmagic revenue data is based on developer earnings, and does not include platform fees.

The platform split is, as you’d expect, weighted toward iOS on revenue but Android has the bigger download number. App Store downloads stand at 97.6m versus 106.7m on Google Play, but Nintendo has earned $136m from iPhone and iPad players compared to $84.8m on Android devices.

Top revenue markets are the US ($85.7m) and Japan ($62.6m), with a significant gap to third market France ($14.2m), then Germany ($13.1m) and the UK ($8.5m). 

The market split on downloads sees the US top by some way (45.5m), with Mexico (19.5m) in second, then Brazil (18.6m), Japan (14.7m) and Germany (9.5m).

Mario Kart Tour’s downloads peaked on September 26 2019, when it was downloaded 14.7m times in 24 hours. In its first week on sale, it was downloaded 54m times, and after its first month it had racked up 81.8m downloads.

On the revenue side, Mario Kart Tour peaked in October 2019, when daily revenue hit $1.25m on October 9 2019. Nintendo’s earnings for the same month from the kart racer came in at $23.6m.

Nintendo recently restructured the in-game shop, removing the gacha-style pipe mechanic for a more straightforward system through which players can buy rubies to spend on vehicles, ticket packs, characters, karts and accessories.

The offers in the ‘Spotlight shop’ change daily, though players can spent a ticket to refresh the shop early. The changes went live on October 5, so it’s a little too early to tell how this has affected player spend.

Nintendo has been pulling back from mobile recently after releasing mobile versions of Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and platformer Super Mario Run. It has also collaborated with Pokémon Go maker Niantic on Pikmin Bloom.

Puzzler Dr. Mario World was released in July 2019, but was closed two years later, having earned Nintendo $11.2m from 12.85m downloads over its lifetime. Dragalia Lost, an RPG collaboration with Cygames, is also in the process of being closed after $122m revenue and 4.5m downloads. 

Nintendo has not announced or released any new mobile titles since the launch of Mario Kart Tour in September 2019. Pikmin Bloom was released in October 2021, but was developed and released by Niantic.

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