New games now: fresh Habby, Lilith and Tencent releases plus the return of Apex Legends Mobile, kind of


Sound clever in meetings with this snapshot of the new games you need to know about.

Here every Friday you’ll find big games gone global, new game announcements, fresh soft launches and everything in between.

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Souls (Habby)

We can only find this one available on iOS in a interesting trio of markets: UK, Canada and Australia. It’s a squad battler with a fantasy setting and a very different, Summoner’s War-like look compared to Habby’s other titles.

Call of Dragons (Farlight/Lilith)

A big App Store feature announced the global launch of the new game from the Rise of Kingdoms team this week. It’s described by the developer as an MMO fantasy conquest game.

High Energy Heroes / 高能英雄 (Tencent)

As spotted by Twitter user PlayerIGN, this is Apex Legends Mobile reworked as Tencent and Lightspeed’s own game, following the closure of the big-name EA shooter earlier this year. As PlayerIGN notes, this game was apparently in development before Apex Legends Mobile and is played in squads of four, not three as in Apex. It’d be fun to see this get a western release, wouldn’t it? It’s open for pre-reg in China now.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

This one has been a long time coming, and was re-revealed during Summer Game Fest yesterday. The pre-registration site is live but at the time of writing wasn’t working. The game is also in closed Beta on Android now until June 28th. It’s yet another RPG from the series which kind of looks like all the other ones, honestly.

Payday: Crime War (PopReach)

Amazingly, this game was first announced six years ago, and has finally got to global release through publisher PopReach International. It’s a coop heist shooter that features some of the missions from original PC and console games Payday: The Heist and Payday 2.

SpongeBob Adventures: In a Jam! (Tilting Point/Whaleapp)

Pre-reg opened this week for this spongy new builder. It’s the third recent WhaleApp game Tilting Point is publishing after Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist and Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery.

Tarisland (Tencent)

Android players in Brazil, Canada, the Philippines and the United Kingdom can sign up to test this new Tencent MMORPG from June 27.

Chrome Valley Customs (Space Ape)

Global launch is imminent for this casual puzzler, as we learned earlier this week. It’s Space Ape’s first launch in the match-and-makeover genre, aimed at 20-45 year-old men.

King Arthur: Legends Rise (Kabam)

Pre-reg opened this week for Kabam’s new battle RPG which is part of its new crossplatform push, as we reported a while back.

Five new Netflix games

Netflix joined in on what was once know as E3 week with some announcements of its own; The Queen’s Gambit Chess, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, Cut the Rope Daily, indie game Paper Trail and resurrected Gameloft game LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed are all coming to the service “in the coming months”, it said.

They join another recently confirmed title, Too Hot to Handle 2, on the coming soon list.

New Apple Arcade games

While the big focus was naturally on Vision Pro this week – which will host over 100 Arcade games at launch – Apple also confirmed Arcade’s June line-up.

Racer Jet Dragon is the only new original game, while the rest are catalogue titles with IAP and ads removed: Retro Bowl, Retro Goal, Millionaire Trivia, and Bold Moves.

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