EA bullish on Apex Legends and Battlefield mobile; Golf Clash “a blueprint for new sports titles”


“Mobile is a core growth engine for us, and it is accelerating,” said CEO Andrew Wilson as EA announced its Q2 2022 financial results.

Wilson said of mobile shooters Apex Legends and Battlefield: “The metrics that we’re getting out of those games continues to be very strong. And so we continue to be confident about the opportunity around both of them.”

Apex Legends Mobile is further along – it is going into soft launch on Google Play soon, with Battlefield mobile in early alpha testing through pre-registration on Google Play. 

Elsewhere in EA’s financials, it confirmed that Playdemic’s Golf Clash is considered “a blueprint for new sports titles.”

“For us, the biggest opportunity is – and this is an obvious one – how do we take our existing sports licenses and the talent that the Glus and the Playdemics have on the sports side and drive new sports products through that talent base or have them help our talent drive better products across those licenses,” said CFO and COO Blake Jorgensen in the analyst call.

“It’s a huge opportunity for us. Obviously for FIFA but also in Madden and PGA in other areas where we can either augment their games, add to their games or add new games.”

In the opening statements CEO Andrew Wilson also said of Playdemic: 

“We’re looking forward to combining our strength to continue the success of Golf Clash as a live service and bringing the cloud mechanic to more of our sports franchises, where our licenses and expertise will enable us to create some great new experiences.”

Another fun nugget of info in the analyst call was from Jorgensen, who said EA had seen bookings of “just under $100 million from six months of Playdemic” after the $1.4bn buy in June 2021.

CEO Andrew Wilson rounded out the call by saying: “I think you should watch this space because there’s lots of great things coming over the next 12, 24, 36 months in the space of mobile.”

With a febrile M&A scene in games right now, you wouldn’t bet against EA making further moves in the mobile space.

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