Fall Guys clone Stumble Guys has now earned over $60m from 265m+ downloads


One of this year’s breakout hits Stumble Guys has passed another milestone, having earned its developer over $60m in IAP revenue to date. It also recently passed 265m downloads since launch.

The game was acquired by Scopely from Finnish indie Kitka Games last month, and continues to linger at the top end of the charts in the US, UK, and major European markets including France and Germany.

According to the last six months of Appmagic data, Stumble Guys has earned its developer over $8m per month on average, with 29.5m monthly downloads. Based on the last six weeks, it is pulling in 5m downloads per week and earning $2.9m a week. That works out as over $400k per day in IAP revenue, and over 650k daily downloads, based on the last 30 days.

Appmagic’s revenue figures are based on developer payout, and do not include app store fees, so total consumer spend will be higher. There’s also revenue from rewarded ads to layer on top, too.

Stumble Guys is wildly popular in Brazil and Indonesia, where PC and console penetration is much lower.

The platform split is pretty even on revenue: Kitka/Scopely has earned over $31.5m through Google Play to date, compared to $31m on iOS. It is streets ahead on Android downloads, though, with 215m installs through Google Play versus just 51m on Apple devices.

Stumble Guys’ top five grossing nations are a little unexpected: predictably the US is top ($17.8m), but after that it’s Brazil ($7.4m), Indonesia ($5.85m), Italy ($4.4m) and Germany ($4.1m).

Indonesia is way out in front on downloads, with 59m to date – 56m of which are through Google Play. Next it’s Brazil (37.7m, again with the majority on Android), the US (20m), India (16m) and Mexico (15.8m).

Scopely announced that it had acquired Stumble Guys from Kitka Games on September 8, and stated at that time that the game had over 20m daily active users. It has since set about hiring people in Barcelona, Mexico City, Singapore and California to work on the game as it builds it out under the Scopely umbrella. 

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