Former Traplight devs reassemble at new Supercell-backed startup Future Run


The minds behind Big Bang Racing at Finnish studio Traplight have formed Future Run, a new Supercell-funded startup.

Studio boss Riku Rakkola told us Future Run is making a “crossplatform competitive fantasy sports title”, and is focused on ‘weaving together solid core gameplay and strategic management aspects’.

Rakkola is Traplight’s former CEO, and is joined by fellow Traplight alums Olli Juutilainen (art lead), Sampsa Oksa (CTO), Paavo Härkönen (audio lead) and Seppo Santapukki (design lead).

Future Run, left to right: Olli Juutilainen, Riku Rakkola, Sampsa Oksa, Paavo Härkönen, Seppo Santapukki.

“Can’t really disclose any details about the game we’re building yet as it’s very early, but in short we’re working on a cross-platform competitive fantasy sports title at the moment,” CEO Riku Rakkola told us.

“Our team has quite extensive background working in different companies in gaming, but we have all previously worked at Traplight Games which is a mobile studio behind titles such as Big Bang Racing and Battle Legion,” Rakkola continued. “I founded the company 13 years ago and decided to leave early this year during restructuring as I felt it was time for me to move on and build something a bit different.”

“Given the early stage of the new company we found a very natural fit to partner up with Supercell to realise our vision,” he added. “We’re now heads down in build mode and hope to have something cool to showcase next year.”

This Future Run concept art suggests it is making a Speedball-inspired future sports game.

Supercell’s investments lead Jaakko Harlas added: “We are excited to announce our investment in Future Run, a prominent team with years of experience and a track record of building incredibly engaging game titles.”

“Our investment in Future Run embarks a new collaboration that will allow us to be part of the team’s journey right from the early stage,” Harlas continued.

“We have confidence in the vision and leadership of the Future Run team. We believe that their passion, creativity and technical expertise will lead to the creation of incredibly innovative and immersive game titles that will excite and delight players around the world.”

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