King and EA veterans reveal new ‘game science’ outfit The Experimentation Group


The Experimentation Group is a new consultancy formed by three mobile game veterans that want to “transform science in games”.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the new outfit has been formed by former VP of experimentation at King David Nelson, King’s ex product lead for experimentation Tom Storr and former game economist at EA and Amazon Phillip Black.

As The Experimentation Group, the three veterans aim to “transform science in games” and is even offering its services for free to studios “willing to share their learnings with the industry.”

“At King, experimentation created huge, billion-dollar uplift,” said Nelson. “We had experiments, not conjecture, to prove it. We discovered what really mattered to our players. And it surprised all of us! Now, we are bringing that process to the rest of the industry.”

The Experimentation Group: David Nelson, Tom Storr, Phillip Black.

The firm will now be sharing real data and insights on their podcast and blog in order to help the mobile game business to “grow and learn”.

“We’ve seen how experiments like Hard Level Labelling create value across games and genres,” said Storr. “We’re ready to work with mobile gaming companies who want to grow by using science to discover what really matters to players. There’s so much opportunity here; we can’t wait to start.”

Black added: “Science in games is broken. Or worse, non-existent. Science isn’t a Looker dashboard, “data-driven” even “data-informed,” it’s a method to acquire reliable knowledge. We’re here to prove what science is and, more importantly, how science grows games. We owe it to ourselves as game makers to propel the craft forward.”

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