Marvel Snap is about to break $100m in earnings for developer Second Dinner


Second Dinner has said it’ll be making some announcements about Marvel Snap’s future during tonight’s Gamescom Opening Night Live livestream – possibly a full Steam release date after being in early access on PC since October 2022.

And it turns out Marvel Snap is on the verge of a major milestone: Second Dinner has now earned nearly $100m from the mobile game since it launched in October, according to Appmagic data. (Note: Appmagic estimates developer payout, so these numbers do not include platform fees or local taxes.)

To be precise, the game has now earned Second Dinner $98.4m since its launch in October 2022, and should pass the $100m mark in the next couple of weeks.

Marvel Snap has earned Second Dinner around $7.7m per month for the last three months straight, but revenue is broadly in decline. This is to be expected after a huge launch that saw monthly earnings peak at $13.5m in December 2022.

Downloads have settled into a post-launch rhythm too. After generating 7.4m downloads in October 2022, monthly installs are now hovering around the 1m mark, dipping down below 900k in March, April and July of this year.

The platform split shows a typical pattern of higher revenue on iOS but significantly more downloads on Android.

To date the revenue split is $54.2m on iOS vs $44.3m on Android. The game has been downloaded over 15m times through Google Play, and 6.7m times on iOS devices.

Marvel Snap’s top 10 markets by revenue are:

  • US ($60.5m)
  • South Korea ($4m)
  • Canada ($3.3m)
  • UK ($3.1m)
  • Italy ($3m)
  • Japan ($2.6m)
  • France ($2.6m)
  • Germany ($2.2m)
  • Hong Kong ($1.8m)
  • Taiwan ($1.8m)

And its top 10 markets by downloads are:

  • US (5.2m)
  • Brazil (2.9m)
  • Indonesia (1.7m)
  • France (984k)
  • Italy (958k)
  • UK (942k)
  • Thailand (795k)
  • Germany (695k)
  • Spain (597k)
  • Mexico (591k)

As we’ve reported before, some industry watchers have questioned the game’s spend depth and cosmetics-only approach to monetisation, which could harm the game’s long-term stickiness and revenue prospects.

Some have suggested introducing more social features and competitive game modes to help keep the numbers healthy for Second Dinner as its debut matures as a live service game.

The studio recently said within its latest developer update (above) that the game is close to its ‘full’ launch on Steam, and showcased its latest product roadmap.

It includes updates to matchmaking, a ‘prestige level’ system, new emotes and emojis, a personalised shop, smart decks and more. Further out, Second Dinner said there are guilds, social systems and new game modes in concepting stage.

Marvel Snap’s current Big in Japan season includes new cards Daken, X23, Silver Samurai, Lady Deathstrike and new locations Yashida Base and Valley of the Hand. There are also new mech, kaiju, anime and chibi variants to existing cards.

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