New games now: Assassin’s Creed, DC Heroes & Villains, Dumb Ways To Climb and more


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Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade (Ubisoft/Level Infinite)

This ancient-China themed, mobile-only take on Ubisoft’s monster Assassin’s Creed series edged closer this week with news of a closed beta, beginning August 3rd. It’s restricted to 5,000 players, who can register here on iOS and Android. There’s no release date as yet, though.

DC Heroes and Villains (Jam City)

Unusually this match-3 RPG is being published by Sandsoft in the MENA region, and by Jam City everywhere else. It’s live worldwide now on iOS and Android.

Dumb Ways to Climb (PlaySide)

It was only a matter of time before an established mobile studio released their spin on Steam and Twitch hit Only Up! – it seems the Dumb Ways to Die folks got there first. It’s live worldwide on iOS and Android.

Disney Twisted Wonderland (Aniplex)

Aniplex, the publisher behind Japanese mega-hit Fate Grand/Order, announced that this dark manga-style battle-RPG is now available in Australia and Singapore. According to Appmagic it was previously only available in a very strange mix of countries: Japan, the US, Canada, Mexico and Ukraine.

Too Hot To Handle 2 (Nanobit)

The winner of Too Hot to Handle’s first season Chloe Veitch is the star of this interactive story sequel, the follow-up to one of Netflix’s top performers. It’s out now.

Space Invaders: World Defence (Taito)

Google has been pushing this one as a showcase for its ARCore tech since it was unveiled at Google IO. It’s essentially AR Space Invaders, and is out now on iOS and Android.

Invincible: Guarding The Globe (Skybound/Ubisoft)

Ubisoft and Skybound announced this idle squad RPG earlier this week, which is set in the Invincible universe, a comics franchise that’s recently become an Amazon Prime TV series. Pre-reg is open now, but there’s no release date yet.

WrestleQuest (Skybound/Mega Cat)

Another Skybound announcement from this week: this wrestling-themed JRPG is coming to PC, console and mobile on August 8. We spotted a Netflix logo at the end of the trailer, so it appears to be heading there.

Geo Gods (Arnold Rauers)

Everything indie developer Arnold Rauers (AKA Tiny Touch Tales) makes is excellent so this is sure to be a banger. We’re actually surprised he’s not already making games for Netflix and/or Apple Arcade, in fact.

Students of game design might enjoy the above video in which Rauers shares some insights on the design thinking behind the game. It’s out now on iOS and Android.

Roto Force (Plug-In Digital)

French indie game publisher Plug-In Digital is an excellent source of premium-style mobile games, and this ‘free-to-start’ bullet hell shooter looks the part. It’s out now worldwide on iOS and Android.

Towers of Everland (Cobra Mobile)

This is another ex-Apple Arcade game that’s been released into the wild – a handsome first person fantasy adventure, and a premium game.

Stardew Valley+ (ConcernedApe)

Released to precisely zero fanfare, this hit farming game is now on Apple Arcade, and feels like a natural fit for the service. But you have to really look hard to find it – at the time of writing it’s not featured on the UK Arcade tab at all, and there are no promotional materials around the game, beyond some screenshots sent to selected journalists by Apple PR a month ago.

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