New games now: EA FC Tactical, XCOM Legends, big Supercell news and a surprise US chart-topper


Sound clever in meetings with this concise snapshot of the new games you need to know about.

Here every Friday you’ll find big games gone global, fresh soft launches, the latest release dates and everything in between.

EA FC Tactical (EA)

This is a new turn-based spin on the series formerly known as FIFA. It’s in pre-order now on iOS and Android, and has a loose ‘early 2024’ release date.

XCOM Legends (Iridium Starfish)

Here’s a strange one: this game has been in soft launch for years, but has never been officially announced by IP owner 2K. But it has been featured in Apple’s ‘New games we love’ list in the UK App Store for the last week (which does not usually feature soft launches).

It is available in a smattering of the typical soft launch markets on iOS including the UK, and in the UK only on Android.

Clash of Clans and Clash Royale (Supercell)

Supercell and Google announced this week that both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are now playable on PC through Google Play Games Beta in Canada, Chile and Singapore only. Which begs the question: why has Supercell gone through Google to do this instead of through its own PC launcher? Intriguing… (Supercell)

As we reported earlier this week, this surprise new IP from the Clash creator will be open for beta testing in the US on Android at the end of the month. It appears to be a loot-gathering, dungeon-crawling monster hunter game.

Gacha Life 2 (Lunime)

At the time of writing this new anime dress-up game is the US number one on both iOS and Android. It is also riding high in the UK, and appears to be linked to a YouTube community built around a virtual influencer called Luni(?).

Developer Lunime appears to specialise in these hyper cutesy anime games, and has several other similar titles out there.

Dungeon Hunter 6 (Goat Games/Gameloft)

Chinese developer Goat Games has taken over development and publishing duties on Gameloft’s long-running Dungeon Hunter series. This sixth edition is out now worldwide on iOS and Android.

AEW Rise to the Top (East Side Games)

Canadian studio East Side Games has applied its idle game formula to the world of wrestling with the soft launch of this licensed AEW game. It soft launched this week on iOS and Android in several markets across Europe, the Nordics, Canada and AUNZ.

FashionVerse: Fashion Your Way (Tilting Point)

This new one from Tilting Point has quietly gone into pre-order on both iOS and Android, a fashion game that appears to take a few cues from the likes of Design Home and Redecor.

Subpar Pool (Grapefrukt)

The maker of indie bangers Holedown, Twofold inc. and Rymdkapsel is back with a kooky mix of pool and golf, out now on iOS and Android. It’s currently priced at a beefy $4.99/£4.99/€5.99.

Stupid Fish Game (Korigame)

Korigame, like Grapefrukt, is an indie developer with a great sense of style and fun. Its latest game is out now, a daft high score game that’s currently iOS only.

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