Niantic’s NBA All-World earned under $160k in its first month


Niantic’s latest launch NBA All-World doesn’t look like it’s a slam dunk, unfortunately.

Appmagic and Sensor Tower data suggests it has made under $160k from around 1.8m downloads in its first four weeks on the market.

While it’d be unfair to compare NBA All-World to Pokémon Go, Appmagic’s data suggests that fellow Niantic title Harry Potter: Wizards Unite made over $7m in its first four weeks, attracting 11.6m downloads. That game was closed in January 2022.

Nintendo collaboration Pikmin Bloom, another of Niantic’s location-based games, made over $960k from 3m downloads in its first four weeks on the market, according to the same dataset.

NBA All World’s daily revenue data, courtesy of Appmagic, paints a pretty grim picture. It suggests that on February 15 NBA All World scraped just over $3.5k in IAP revenue, and has averaged around $4.3k per day in IAPs based on the last week. Its biggest day of revenue to date was on January 29, when it earned over $8.4k.

Average daily downloads for the last week stand at 41k, says Appmagic. Daily downloads peaked on January 28 when NBA All World hit 166k installs.

Both Appmagic and Sensor Tower estimate NBA All World has earned around $158k in IAP revenue to date, with just over 1.8m lifetime downloads. It was released worldwide on January 24 2023, so has been on the market for four weeks.

Sensor Tower’s numbers suggest the platform split favours Apple devices on both downloads (65.3%) and revenue (71.7%), leaving Android with 34.7% of downloads and 28.3% of revenue.

The market split according to Sensor Tower shows the US leading the way by a large distance on revenue and downloads, naturally. On downloads the US is followed by France, Germany, Canada and Japan, while on revenue the top five markets are the US, Japan, Germany, Canada and Australia.

Niantic has said it will release two more location-based games this year. Its creature-collector Peridot will be released worldwide in the “first half of 2023”, it has said, while Marvel World of Heroes would be launched globally “later this year”.

Niantic laid off around 90 staff last summer, and closed four new game projects, including a Transformers game. It also took on a $300m investment last November to build what it calls a ‘real-life metaverse’.

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