Pokémon Go has passed 600m lifetime downloads, nears $4.7bn revenue


Pokémon Go has just passed 600m downloads after six years on the market, and has earned Niantic almost $4.7bn over its lifetime, according to Appmagic data. 

Pokémon Go remains a top earner; in the last year, it has made Niantic an average of $63.76m per month, and has pulled in 3.87m downloads monthly.

Based on the last 30 days’ data, Pokémon Go earns an average of $2.3m every day, and is averaging 106k downloads daily.

Over the course of its lifetime, Pokémon Go has pulled in an average of $61.7m per month, and 7.9m downloads per month.

Pokémon Go’s regular community events are the source of those spikes. The game’s still rolling along nicely, with October revenue at $72.3m.

The game’s spectacular launch, back in July 2016, has understandably never been bettered. After earning $135.4m in its debut month, monthly revenue peaked at an astonishing $135.9m in August 2016.

The game’s daily revenue record was set on July 9 2016, when Pokémon Go earned $9.3m in 24 hours.

Niantic hasn’t managed to capture lightning in a bottle in the same way since, despite several attempts. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launched in June 2019 and earned $27.9m from 17.4m downloads before it was closed down in January 2022. Fellow location-based games Transformers: Heavy Metal and Catan never made it out of soft launch.

Pikmin Bloom has earned Niantic $9.5m after one year on the market; Pokémon Go makes about $2.3m per day.

Nintendo collaboration Pikmin Bloom recently passed its first full year on the market, and has earned $9.5m from 6.8m downloads to date. Monthly revenue is steadily rising after the usual launch spike, coming in at around $600-700k between March and July this year. August and September broke $700k, and October’s revenue was just under $895k. By (unfair) comparison, Pokémon Go’s revenue in October was $72.3m.

Niantic also recently announced that it is planning to release NBA and Marvel-themed location based games next year, as well as another collectible creature game, Peridot, which is still TBC.

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