Diablo Immortal has now earned Blizzard and NetEase $300m


Five months after launch, Diablo Immortal has already earned Blizzard and NetEase over $300m.

According to Appmagic data sourced by mobilegamer.biz, the dungeon crawler has been downloaded 21.4m times to date. Combined, the ‘rest of world’ and China-only editions of the game have now earned over $300m since their respective launches on June 2 and July 25.

Diablo Immortal was released in 60 countries on June 2. That version of the game has earned $155.6m to date, while the NetEase-published China-only version has earned over $144.7m since it launched on July 25, pushing total revenue past $300m five months after its initial release.

Since the China launch on July 25, Diablo Immortal has, on average, earned over $2.23m per day. Daily revenue peaked on July 30, when the game earned $4.13m in 24 hours.

Players in China are spending big money on Diablo Immortal – over $144m since launch on July 25.

The level of spend in China is huge. With downloads at 4.15m and revenue at $144.6m, its lifetime revenue per download (RpD) currently stands at $34.81. Outside of China, Diablo Immortal’s RpD is $9.01, with $155.6m from 17.3m installs.

Obviously, that $144.7m in revenue from China means it is the top grossing market. The second top earning market is the US ($66.5m), then it’s Korea ($23.8m), Japan ($8.2m) and Germany ($7m).

On downloads, China is top again, despite less time on the market, with 4.15m. Then it’s the US with 4.12m installs, Korea (1.4m), Brazil (1.36m) and Germany (753k). Remember, the ‘rest of world’ version was released June 2, so has had longer to rack up the numbers.

Diablo Immortal is easily the biggest new mobile game launch of the year. It earned almost $50m in its first month, even before it launched in China, and later hit $100m in under two months.

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