Blizzard earned $49m from Diablo Immortal’s first month, with 10m downloads to date


Diablo Immortal’s first month of release has earned Blizzard $49m from 10m downloads, according to Appmagic figures.

The data, collated by, suggests that the mobile edition is likely the Diablo series’ biggest ever launch. According to Blizzard, Diablo 3 sold 3.5m in its first day and 6.3m in its first week back in 2012, but a later financial report suggested that the game didn’t hit 10m sales until June 30, six weeks after launch. It should be taken into account that Immortal is free to play, of course.

Appmagic’s figures cover developer earnings, so do not include the 30% Apple and Google tax either, so total overall revenue will be higher than the $49m heading Blizzard’s way.

Let’s get into the Appmagic figures. Taking a look at downloads first, the game peaked on its third day of global release, June 4, with 1.32m downloads in one day. After its first week on sale, total downloads stood at 6.85m, and at day 30, they were at 10.35m.

On revenue, the data suggests the game peaked ten days after launch, with Blizzard earning $2.4m on June 11. After the first week on sale, total revenue was at $11.9m, and at day 30 it totalled $49m (Or $48,988,970, according to Appmagic).

Just for a little context, these first month figures are way ahead of another big-name IP that came to mobile recently. As we reported a few weeks back, Apex Legends Mobile’s first month earned EA $11.6m from 21.8m downloads, according to Appmagic.

Diablo Immortal launched to an appropriately fiery reception last month, due to perceived aggressive monetisation practices – we had a broader look at why bringing hardcore IP like this over to mobile is fraught with danger here.

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