Apex Legends Mobile’s first 30 days earned EA $11.6m, with downloads at 21.8m


EA earned $11.6m from 21.8 million downloads of Apex Legends Mobile in its first 30 days of global launch, according to numbers we sourced from Appmagic.

To be precise, Appmagic’s data suggests that EA earned $11,587,992 in revenue from Apex Legends Mobile’s first 30 days on sale globally, having been downloaded 21,807,656 times in that period. The data provider’s estimates do not include the 30% cut of revenue Apple and Google take, so total consumer spend will be higher.

The iOS / Android download split is pretty even, with 10.3m players on iOS and 11.5m on Android. Revenue split, meanwhile, is heavily weighted toward Apple devices, with EA earning $8.1m from iPhone and iPad players compared to $3.5m from folks with Android devices.

The top five markets for downloads during Apex’s first 30 days were the US (4.8m), Japan (2.5m), Brazil (2.5m), India (1.5m) and Thailand (1.4m).

On revenues, the top five markets were the US ($4.5m), Japan ($3.9m), Thailand ($482k), UK ($225k) and France ($215k).

Also, just for fun, we compared the first 30 days of Apex Legends Mobile’s performance to Activision’s Call of Duty Mobile’s first 30 days post-global launch, just to see the difference.

Call of Duty Mobile’s spectacular first few days of global launch saw Activision’s shooter peak in terms of downloads on October 2 2019, when Appmagic estimates it was downloaded 10.6m times in one day. Apex Legends Mobile’s download peak, meanwhile, was a more modest 2.2m on May 18 2022.

COD’s spikier revenue graph shows peaks of around $1.4m in earnings for Activision twice in its first 30 days on sale, on October 6 and 20 2019. Apex Legends Mobile’s peak earnings came a few days after global launch on May 21, with 670k on that day.

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