Niantic’s Marvel World of Heroes incoming 2023, Marvel Snap set for October 18


Niantic’s Marvel game World of Heroes was revealed and Second Dinner’s Marvel Snap got a release date at this weekend’s D23 fan event. 

In Marvel World of Heroes, Niantic is once more applying its Pokémon Go formula to another major brand, with players able to create their own Marvel hero and do battle with other familiar faces from the universe. 

In a brief Q&A on Niantic’s site, senior producer Lyza Faylona said of the game: “I love MMORPGs, so I’m most excited about bringing that to the real world. To arrive at a location, view and interact with it through the lens of a Marvel Super Hero is what I’m really excited about.”

Lead game designer Neil Melville added: “We aren’t content with augmenting reality with a single version of the Marvel Universe, and will let you travel to multiple alternate realities in the Marvel Multiverse to engage with different characters and stories in the same location.”

Niantic and Marvel also released a brief teaser trailer, which you can see below. The game is coming in 2023.

Elsewhere over the weekend, collectible card game Marvel Snap got a release date: October 18. It’s the debut title from Second Dinner, a new studio founded by former Hearthstone director Ben Brode and staffed by several other Blizzard veterans. Trailer below, if you want a peek.

It was a busy weekend for mobile game announcements, with news of three new Ubisoft games coming exclusively to Netflix, and another Ubisoft game, Assassin’s Creed Codename Jade, also revealed for the first time. Jade will be a large open world game like the ‘main’ AC games, and will be set in ancient China. Ubisoft won’t confirm who’s co-developing the title just yet, though.

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