October’s top mobile game downloads worldwide


Here are the most-downloaded games worldwide from last month, according to Appmagic data.

The top ten is below, now with annotations that indicate each game’s month-on-month rise or fall in the rankings.

There’s also commentary below on October’s most notable trends from the entire top 20 and beyond.

Bravo to Botanica Global for grabbing October’s top download with an Android-only game – quite a feat. After generating ~13m installs in September, Real Car Driving: Race City 3D hit an all-time high of nearly 19m downloads in October.

As one might expect, most of those downloads (around 5.3m) are from India, with Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia and Mexico also contributing to its rise.

This style of open world, physicsy driving game seems to be perennially popular – see also Ramp Car Games in 6th, Race Master 3D in 10th, Car Race 3D at 21 and Traffic Rider at 31.

The next three titles post roughly similar numbers to September, though all of Roblox, Subway Surfers and My Perfect Hotel are down month-on-month.

There’s another Android-only racer in at five, up a mighty 989 places compared to September: Ramp Car Games from the equally bluntly named Fun Drive Games, which definitely specialises in this sort of thing. Its other titles are called things like Crazy Car Stunt, Crazy Car Driving, Racing Formula Stunt Car and Car Parking Jam; ASO experts might note that many of the icons are similar, too: a car in a specific shade of green racing along a brown/grey track. 

Again, Ramp Car Games’ sudden success is mostly down to a huge spike in India, which accounted for almost 9m of its 14.7m downloads in October.

Hungry Studios’ Block Blast had a good month after dips in performance in August and September, when it got just under 10m installs. It’s back up to around 13m installs for October, roughly where it was consistently throughout the first half of the year. 

8 Ball Pool is up to just over 12m installs for October after several months of registering around 9m monthly downloads, while Ludo King, a game usually remarkable for its consistency, dips to under 12m – it usually posts around 14-15m monthly installs. Perhaps increasing competition in India is part of the story there.

Royal Match sees a second month of monthly download decline after a meteoric rise. It’s down to around 11.6m installs for October, its lowest total since April after peaking in August, when it broke 17m monthly downloads.

In line with the rising racing genre, Race Master 3D makes a comeback to the top ten download ranking, though it’s more to do with other games declining, really – it has been posting around 10m monthly installs since April.

October’s top mobile game downloads 11-20

11. Nextbots In Backrooms: Sandbox (Hookah Games): 10.5m
12. Build A Queen (Supersonic): 10.4m
13. Stumble Guys (Scopely): 10.05m
14. Free Fire (Garena): 10.03m
15. Geometry Dash Lite (RobTop Games): 10.03m
16. Tic Tac Toe (CDT Puzzle Studio): 9.9m
17. Candy Crush Saga (King): 9.41m
18. Bridge Race (Supersonic): 9.38m
19. Monopoly Go (Scopely): 9.35
20. Football League 2023 (Mobile Soccer): 9.1m

Last month’s new hits Build A Queen and Nextbots In Backrooms: Sandbox are nestled just outside the top ten this month with around 10m downloads each.

Stumble Guys, helped no doubt by a big collab with Mr Beast, posts ~10m monthly installs for its third month in a row, while Tic Tac Toe has lost a little steam, having peaked in August with 15m.

Geometry Dash Lite rises again as the base premium game continues to do the numbers around its 10th anniversary.

A couple of big names in slight decline round out the top 20: King’s Candy Crush Saga posts its worst monthly download total since November 2018 with ~9.4m installs in October – quite a tumble from January, when it got over 19m.

Scopely’s Monopoly Go dips under 10m monthly downloads for the first time since launch, its second straight month of decline since hitting 15m monthly installs in August.

Ones to watch outside the top 20 include Ivy’s Subway Princess Runner, which posted nearly 8.6m downloads last month and has an incredibly spiky download profile, so may well keep rising. There’s also Netease’s answer to Fall Guys and Stumble Guys, Eggy Party, which despite only being available in 10 countries racked up 8m installs in October. 

Gacha Life 2’s fandom also briefly pushed it to the top of the US game charts on iOS and Android recently. It ended October on around 8.1m installs in 29th spot.

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