Pokémon Go hits $6bn lifetime player spend, says Sensor Tower


Sensor Tower says Pokémon Go has now passed $6bn in lifetime player spending. 

It puts the game in an exclusive top grossing club that also includes PUBG Mobile, Honor of Kings, Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans. 

The US is the top market in terms of lifetime spend, with $2.2bn in revenue to date, or 36.6% of the total spend. Japan is the second biggest market with 32.6% of revenues, and after that it’s Germany with 5.2%. 

Google Play has taken the largest share of revenues over time, says Sensor Tower, with $3.1bn (52.3% of spend), versus the $2.8bn spent through the App Store (47.7% of spend).

Pokémon GO is, unsurprisingly, the top grossing geolocation game by far.

On installs, Sensor Tower says Pokémon GO’s total now stands at 678m worldwide to date. The US is the top downloads market, with 123.2m installs and 18.2% of the total. Brazil is second, and India is third.

Google Play is by far the largest platform for downloads, with 76.3% of the total – 517.2m. Apple’s App Store has claimed 23.7% of the share, that’s 160.8m downloads.

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