Supercell’s Everdale set to be resurrected at Merge Mansion maker Metacore


Metacore has acquired cancelled Supercell title Everdale, and is working on the next iteration of the game.

The Merge Mansion maker also confirmed today that it plans to release another new title by this spring.

Ownership of Everdale and its assets have already been transferred to Supercell-backed studio Metacore, according to the announcement. But the two studios have not revealed the terms of the deal.

As we reported earlier this week, Metacore recently hired EA and Digital Chocolate veteran Johannes Peltola as game lead, who will now be taking ownership of Everdale at Metacore.

The studio also said that it cannot confirm “when – or even if” Everdale players can play a new Metacore-owned edition of the game.

Metacore boss Mika Tammenkoski teased some of the new stuff coming from the Finnish firm in this interview late last year.

“Supercell is known for its high-quality games, so it goes without saying that we saw a lot of potential in Everdale,” said Metacore CEO and cofounder Mika Tammenkoski.

“From its vivid world and striking scenery to the strong community element fostered by Supercell, there were a lot of the right building blocks in place for a hit game. Now our team is excited by the positive challenge of delving into Everdale’s market-fit and expanding the game’s audience.”

Tammenkoski added: “We hold an extremely high bar for our games, which is why we can’t say for sure whether Everdale will ever become a live game project – but our hope is that we can continue to strengthen the imaginative world that has already been built. This also offers us a unique opportunity to truly test our game development process and see how it can be applied to existing games.”

Supercell’s Lasse Seppänen, former game lead of Everdale, added: “We couldn’t be happier to see Metacore take over Everdale, a very dear game to us. Throughout the development, it became clear to us that this game has a lot of potential and amazing and loyal fans, but, unfortunately, in the end, it wasn’t the right game for Supercell.”

“Everdale’s team came up with the idea of finding a new home for the game, and we feel confident in transferring ownership of Everdale to the hands of Metacore’s highly talented team. We have the utmost respect for their game development philosophy and can’t wait to see the next evolution of Everdale.”

Everdale entered soft launch in August 2021, and was eventually live in 15 countries before it closed in October 2022. According to Appmagic data it amassed 1.6m downloads and $2.6m in revenue during that period.

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