The Wrap: what you need to know this week

Hello, I’m Neil. And here’s a super-concise digest of what happened in mobile games this week. But first:

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Top stories from

  • This week’s jobs update has moves and promotions at Magic Eden, Scopely, King, Homa, Pixel United and more
  • Playtika confirmed it is laying off over 600 staff
  • On its 4th birthday Brawl Stars passed $1.25bn revenue, 355m downloads and ditched loot boxes
  • Netflix added Kentucky Route Zero and Twelve Minutes, and said TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge and Vikings: Valhalla are coming in 2023
  • Blast Royale maker First Light is figuring out blockchain gaming on the fly
  • Apple is going to allow alternative app stores, but it’ll fight for its 30% every step of the way
  • Indie hit Vampire Survivors passed 1m downloads, one week after its surprise release

Worth knowing

Stray thoughts

  • Here’s the Hill Climb Racing theme played by an orchestra
  • It’s cold, isn’t it
  • Supercell has some cosy lo-fi beats for you
  • God of War: Ragnarok review-in-progress: 8/10
  • A first for this week: we published a story and sent it out on socials while at a pantomime
  • It’s end of the year list time – what’s your personal game of the year, and what are your predictions for 2023? Let me know on
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