Vampire Survivors mobile has passed 1m downloads in its first week


Indie darling Vampire Survivors has hit 1m downloads on mobile, a week after its surprise release during The Game Awards.

According to Appmagic data the game has been downloaded 585k times on Google Play, and has 562k installs on iOS.

On Google Play its top five markets are Brazil, US, Russia, Japan and Spain, while on iOS, it is most popular in Japan, US, Russia, South Korea and Taiwan.

As far as we’re aware developer Poncle has not invested in any UA at all, so these downloads are purely organic.

There’s no IAP in the game, but it is monetised through an incentivised ad at the end of each run, through which players can gain lives and gold.

The game is playable offline, and the developer Poncle said last week that it is working on a way for players to transfer their saves over from the PC and Xbox versions of the game. It will also get the same DLC as the PC and console game at some point.

There’s clearly appetite for this kind of game on mobile. It very clearly inspired Habby’s, one of the year’s biggest hits. According to Appmagic data has made over $138m since its release in July, and has amassed over 49m downloads.

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