Two senior figures in Apple’s Arcade team are moving on


3/6/22 update: Variety reports that former Apple Arcade creative director Mark Bozon has started a new role as “a senior creative leader for its cross-divisional Next Generation Storytelling initiative.”

The report continues: “He’s expected to build a multidisciplinary team that will work with Disney businesses across gaming, film, TV, toys, parks and more to deliver interconnected consumer experiences.”

Original story, as published 1/6/22:

Apple Arcade executive producer Kathy Astromoff and creative director Mark Bozon have announced their departure from the Cupertino giant this week.

Astromoff confirmed that she is leaving the Apple Arcade team to become a full-time climate activist in a thread on Twitter today. She joined Apple in 2018 as executive producer on the Arcade team, moving over from a three year stint at Twitch as VP of developer success.

She follows former Apple Arcade creative director Mark Bozon out the door, who announced his departure last week. He said on Twitter that he is leaving for “an absolute dream job” and would be sharing more news soon. 

Bozon worked for Apple for 12 years, starting first in games editorial before moving over to the Apple Arcade team in 2018. Previous to that he was a games journalist, best known for his time at IGN. 

Astromoff and Bozon are not the only senior figures to leave the core Apple Arcade team in recent months. Last summer, Apple Arcade head of content Nicola Sebastiani left to take up a role at PlayStation as vice president and head of mobile, and in January, Apple Arcade program manager Julian Chunovic took up a new role at Netflix as part of its external games production team. 

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