Exclusive US, China, Japan, UK downloads and revenues charts for May 16-22


Sensor Tower has kindly agreed to send us exclusive weekly downloads and billings charts for the US, China, Japan and the UK, and here’s the first batch for the week of May 16-22.

Let’s start with US downloads.

No surprise to see EA’s Apex Legends Mobile topping every chart here. Magiclab’s Dream Wedding is the only other new entry in the App Store top ten chart, with Tapnation’s Figurine Art and Crazylabs’ Battery Low freshening up the Google Play top ten.

US billings charts show the usual suspects, with FunPlus’ State of Survival and Garena Free Fire on the up across both platforms. Lilith’s Dislyte pops up at 9 in the Google Play revenue charts, showing a strong start for the new release. 

In China, we only have data on Apple’s App Store, for obvious reasons. Here the revenue charts are pretty static, while on downloads Netease’s sci-fi strategy game Infinite Lagrange debuts at 4. Fellow newbie 100 Ways to Mow the Lawn is a China-only casual game from Ohayoo.

Over in Japan, Apex Legends Mobile has swept to the top of the combined download charts, with fellow new release Code Geass: LOTR Lost Stories in second, a mech-based strategy game from DMM. On Google Play, Code Geass beat EA’s shooter to the top spot.

Japan’s billing charts are pretty straightforward, with Cyberagent’s Uma Museum Pretty Derby continuing its dominance at the top.

Here in the UK, Apex scores top spot on downloads as expected while new arrivals Dream Wedding and Traffic Expert enter the combined charts. Figurine Art and Moneygun Run also debut in the top ten on Google Play.

And finally: UK revenues show a static top four in the combined charts, with the only new entry Be The King in the Google Play listings, a completely deranged romance / role-playing game about emperors.

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