New to Apple Arcade in June: fresh Frogger and Cooking Mama games plus Yu Suzuki’s Air Twister


Three new games from Japanese developers plus one remaster make up Apple Arcade’s line-up for June, the tech giant has announced.

Konami’s Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins follows on from fellow Apple Arcade title Frogger in Toy Town, and promises more action and puzzles when it arrives on June 3. 

Next, on June 10, there’s MobilityWare’s Jigsaw Puzzle game, a simple selection of puzzles featuring licensed properties from Disney and Hasbro. 

Office Create’s Cooking Mama: Cuisine! drops on June 17, the latest instalment in the cooking game series that now allows players to pick ingredients and make dishes themselves.

And June’s headline act comes from Sega legend Yu Suzuki, whose new game, Air Twister, is a Space Harrier-like endless shooter. It’ll be live on June 24.

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