Two years in, Genshin Impact hits $3.7bn from 127m downloads


Genshin Impact has hit $3.7bn in total consumer spend and 127m downloads on its second anniversary. 

Appmagic data suggests Mihoyo has racked up 127m downloads and earned $2.8bn from the title since launch in September 2020, a figure which does not include platform fees. Sensor Tower suggests the total consumer spend has reached $3.7bn, but does not break out downloads.

According to the Appmagic data, China leads the way on revenue, with Mihoyo earning $984m to date there. Then it’s Japan ($624m), US ($517m), Korea ($157m) and Taiwan ($51m). 

The picture on downloads is a little different, with China top (28m) but the US second (16m) and Russia third (8.9m), with Indonesia (7m) and Japan (6.2m) completing the top five.

Top performing months were Oct 20, when Mihoyo earned $172m, then Sept 21 ($168m) and Jan 22 ($161m).

Once more, Japanese players are notable for their huge spend here – Mihoyo earned $624m from 6.2m players in Japan, compared to the US, for example, which has over twice the installs (16m) but has spent less than Japan ($517m).

The platform split sees iOS way out ahead, mostly due to Google Play’s absence in China. Mihoyo has earned $1.86bn from iOS players, versus $921m on Android.

Sensor Tower’s report also has some interesting tidbits.

The data firm’s blog suggests that total consumer spend on the game – inclusive of platform fees – has hit $3.7bn, making Genshin Impact the third top grossing title of the last two years, after Tencent duo Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile, which have earned $5.5bn and $4.9bn respectively in the last two years.

Sensor Tower breaks out total consumer spend outside of China in the last two years as well. Since September 2020 it places Roblox top with $2.5bn in consumer spend, with Genshin second on the same figure, $2.5bn, and Candy Crush Saga on $2.3bn.

The blog also notes that while the mobile games industry saw declines in revenue globally year-over-year during Q1 and Q2 2022 overall, Genshin Impact saw player spending rise by 16% in Q1 and 28% Q2 year-over-year.

Sensor Tower had the same top earning markets too, placing China top with 33% of total revenue, followed by Japan (24%) and the US (17%). It also notes that a previous Mihoyo title Honkai Impact 3rd has passed $1bn in consumer spending. 

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