East Side Games accused of breaking contract, withholding pay and more (again)


Vancouver’s East Side Games has been hit with a second legal complaint based on its dealings with Truly Social Games, maker of Archer: Danger Phone.

Mobilegamer.biz has obtained details of a new civil case to be handled in the Canadian courts, following the suit filed late last year in Oregon, USA.

There are a multitude of allegations in the filing, but in short, East Side Games is accused of breaking its contract with Truly Social by pulling agreed development and marketing support, then terminating the deal and failing to pay the company for its services.

In total, the civil claim alleges 17 different breaches in East Side Games’ agreement with Truly Social Games.

Among other claims it also suggests that East Side obstructed further development of the title and even tried to poach staff from Truly Social in order to gain access to the game’s code.

As a result TSG is seeking damages from East Side Games, its management and some members of staff for breach of contract, knowing receipt of confidential information, misrepresentation, conspiracy and unjust enrichment, among others.

The breach of contract allegations revolve around East Side’s suggestion that use of its ‘IdleKit’ software could be used by Truly Social to significantly speed up game development. The case alleges that Truly Social found the software to be unusable, but worked around the issue and developed the game as agreed anyway.

Then shortly after the game launched, East Side allegedly put the game on “auto-pilot” by pulling the development and marketing support agreed upon in its contract.

The case goes on to claim that East Side then wrongly terminated its contract with Truly Social in October 2022, and yet has continued to publish and earn revenue from the game in another breach of the terms of its contract. East Side has not paid Truly Social since the termination of the agreement, it claims.

The case will begin to move through the courts in Vancouver, Canada, in around a months’ time. That’s alongside the ongoing case involving the two parties that’s being handled in the US courts.

We have requested comment from East Side Games and will update this story if we receive any.

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