Marvel Snap hits $50m revenue, 18m downloads since launch


Marvel Snap has just passed $50m in revenue and 18m downloads since launch, according to Appmagic data.

Second Dinner’s debut game was launched worldwide on 18 October 2022 and has won critical praise and several awards since, most recently mobile game of the year at the DICE Awards.

As we’ve reported before, Marvel Snap hit 5.3m downloads and $2m in revenue in its first week, and generated $10m revenue from 12m downloads in its first month. It passed $30m in revenue and 14m downloads in January.

More recently, the introduction of the new Ant-Man-themed season of content has proved to be a hit, leading to a new record day of earnings on February 7th, when it cleared $800k in IAP revenue.

Average daily downloads based on the last 30 days is just under 38k per day, with revenue at just under $384k per day.

The market split shows the US leading the way on revenue and installs, naturally. By revenue the top markets are the US ($29.9m), South Korea ($2.9m), Canada ($2m), Japan ($1.7m) and the UK ($1.4m).

The US leads the geo split by downloads with 4.4m, followed by Brazil (1.9m), Indonesia (1.6m), UK (828k) and France (779k).

The platform split breaks down in favour of iOS on revenue and Android on installs, as you’d expect. iOS revenue currently stands at a little over $28m from 5.4m downloads, while Android is on $22.3m revenue and 12.7m downloads.

Second Dinner is also quietly testing a web shop which allows players to buy in-game currency off-platform, neatly dodging Apple and Google’s 30% fee. It allows players to register online using their player ID to buy Gold.

The 12 markets listed on its webshop at the time of writing are Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

The FAQ on the Marvel Snap webshop states that Gold prices in the app and in the webshop are “exactly the same,” but “the web store supports a variety of other payment methods based on the regions you are located in.”

Recently developer Second Dinner teased a new X-Men-themed season coming next month, titled Days of Future Past (above).

It added a new battle mode to the game in January, which allows players to hold private friendly matches, and has also been explaining the balances being made to the game in great detail. In February it outlined why it chose to weaken Zabu and Silver Surfer, and later made a variety of other tweaks.

Second Dinner has also previously laid out some of the game’s roadmap in a December 2022 blog post, which stated that new battle modes, extra deck-building features, more social systems and in-game events are to come.

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