Marvel Snap has passed $2m revenue and 5.3m downloads in one week


Marvel Snap has hit 5.3m downloads in its first week, earning over $2m for publisher Nuverse and developer Second Dinner, according to Appmagic data.

At the time of writing Marvel Snap is also the number one iPhone game in the US and Canada according to Sensor Tower charts, and is hovering around the top of the charts in the UK, France, Germany and Italy. It’s also currently 6th in Korea and 7th in Japan. It is not available in China.

On the more hypercasual-heavy Google Play store it is number one in Canada, France, Germany, the UK and Italy. It’s currently 2nd in the US, 3rd in Australia, 4th in Japan and 5th in Korea.

Marvel Snap’s social media team has thanked players for pushing the game to number one.

It’s a solid start for Second Dinner’s debut when you compare it to some of this year’s other big brand launches. According to Appmagic, Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal earned around $11.5m from 6.1m downloads, Tencent’s Tower of Fantasy earned $8.7m from 2.1m downloads and EA’s Apex Legends Mobile earned around $3.6m from 10m downloads during their respective first weeks on sale.

Marvel Snap’s market split after week one shows the US way ahead of all other nations with 1.3m downloads. Brazil is second (433k), then Italy (342k), Indonesia (325k) and Thailand (256k) complete the top five.

It’s a little different on revenue, with the US way out in front ($1.2m), followed by Philippines ($186k), Korea ($142k), Australia ($141k) and Japan ($133k).

The device split shows Google Play ahead on downloads, with 3.8m compared to 1.5m on iOS, but the opposite on revenue, with $1.3m generated through the App Store and $737k on Android devices.

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