Exclusive Sensor Tower charts: X-Hero, Subway Surfers, One Piece and Stumble Guys on top


Sensor Tower has kindly agreed to send us exclusive download and revenue charts for the US, China, Japan and the UK every week. Here’s the data for September 5-11.

Let’s start with US downloads.

X-Hero got to the top of the combined iOS and Android US download charts after some interesting UA tactics, as we reported last week. 

The Legend of Neverland is also worth a mention, debuting at number six in the combined chart – a new anime-style MMORPG from Rise of Dragons maker GameArk Global.

In the US revenue charts Candy Crush Saga and Roblox continue to come out on top, with Dream Games’ Royal Match up to the third top grossing title. That’s quite a feat for a game that’s relatively new, having only gone global in February 2021. 

In China, Diablo Immortal drops from third to sixth in the revenue chart, with some notable, relatively new games at nine and ten –Tuyoo’s Fishing Battle is an over-the-top mix of card and chess-like battling, and Tencent’s Naruto OL is an IP-based battler. Honor of Kings is top, of course. 

China’s download chart shows Subway Surfers on top once again, which has had a big boost in China since it was snapped up by Miniclip. 

Japan’s download chart shows One Piece Bounty Rush top again, with Konami’s new entry Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel debuting at second in the combined iOS and Android chart. Tripledot’s Woodoku continues to make waves in Japan, topping the Google Play chart for the first time.

Japan’s revenue chart is a mix of the usual suspects, with Fate/Grand Order staying at five this week after a long run at number one over the summer. Puzzle & Dragons and Uma Musume Pretty Derby swap places this week, with Gungho’s title taking top spot. 

Here in the UK, the combined iOS and Android download chart sees Stumble Guys – now owned by Scopely – keep the top spot. Monday Off’s Gun Head Run – literally a running game about a man with a gun for a head – stays in second after it debuted there last week. Rocket Game Studio’s Stick War and Rollic’s Marble ASMR also enter the combined chart at four and seven respectively. 

We have a new top grossing game in the UK revenue chart – after a long stint at the top Roblox drops to second, with Coin Master leapfrogging up to first. It’s the first week of school for most kids, so that won’t have helped Roblox’s cause. 

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