February’s top grossing mobile games


Here are last month’s top grossing mobile games worldwide, according to Appmagic data.

There’s commentary on which way these top earners are trending and other interesting tidbits from outside the top ten below.

You can also find February’s top mobile game downloads through the link.

Tencent’s Honor of Kings was the top grossing game last month, of course.

But! As ludicrously successful as it is, revenue is trending broadly down – year-on-year, monthly earnings have dropped by $40m ($154m in Feb 2022 vs $113m in Feb 2023), and after a bumper January that raked in almost $126m, February came to $113m, a drop of $13m.

Genshin Impact bucked the trend somewhat, in that it had relatively weak January ($96m) but earnings jumped up to almost $112m for February. The game has a pretty spiky profile in general, but broadly it is trending up, just about.

You can usually rely on Candy Crush Saga to be solid and consistent, but Appmagic’s figures suggest a bit of a blip in February. Revenue was down to $77m from January’s total of $89m, the first time monthly earnings have dipped below $80m since March 2022.

PUBG Mobile had a nasty hangover in February, after a sterling December ($97m) and January ($95m). Last month’s $72m in IAP revenue puts it back where it was before the bumper festive season, when it was earning in the range of $70-76m per month.

It might have been the top download last month but Roblox had a tougher time on the earnings front. It saw a month-on-month drop of $12m, falling from January’s $73m to last month’s $61m. Like PUBG Mobile, this is more in line with what it was posting pre-Christmas, when it was hitting the $58-65m range.

Pokémon Go bucked the wider downward trend, however, and was up month-on-month by a tidy $14.5m. We think this is down to the performance of several back-to-back events at the end of February (Two ‘Go Tour’ moments and a ‘Primal Rumblings’ event.) These caused a huge spike that peaked on February 25, when Pokémon Go earned over $6m in 24 hours.

You can add Coin Master to the list of games in gentle decline, too. Year-on-year monthly earnings are down by almost $10m, from almost $63m in February 2022 to last month’s total of close to $54m. Having cleared $60m per month since November 2022, last month’s $53.7m was the game’s weakest month since February of 2020.

Fate/Grand Order is another very spiky game in terms of revenue; in the past it has gone from earning $69m in a month to ‘just’ $22m two months later. It has been steady in the last few months, though, hitting monthly revenue of around $37-44m every month since November 2022. Perhaps developer Aniplex has hit its stride with a more regular run of live ops lately.

Dream Games’ Royal Match had seen months and months of consistent, consecutive growth until last month, when revenue dropped from January’s $47m to February’s total of $42m. A temporary blip, in all likelihood. Expect normal service to be resumed in March.

Rounding out the top ten is Bandai Namco’s DBZ Dokkan Battle, a game with a revenue profile as spiky as its heroes’ hair (Example: September 2022 revenue was $45.5m; October’s total was $18m). It jumped up significantly from January’s $30m to hit $41m in February, but could just as easily plummet this month depending on Bandai Namco’s live ops schedule.

February’s top grossing games 11-20

11. Gardenscapes (Playrix): $40m
12. Monster Strike (Xflag): $38.6m
13. Homescapes (Playrix): $34.6m
14. Lineage M (NCsoft): $31.5m
15. Township (Playrix): $29.5m
16. Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Lingxi Games): $29.5m
17. Clash of Clans (Supercell): $28.8m
18. Goddess of Victory: Nikke (Tencent): $27.7m
19. Puzzles & Survival (37Games): $26.9m
20. Rise of Kingdoms (LilithGames): $26m

Three games in the 11-20 top grossing bracket saw pretty nasty declines in month-on-month earnings. Monster Strike was down from $51m to $39m, Lineage M dropped from $43m to $32m and – oof – almost $20m was wiped off Goddess of Victory: Nikke, down from $47m in January to $28m last month.

The three Playrix games here (Gardenscapes, Homescapes and Township) in the top 20 braved February’s storm pretty well, with month-on-month declines of a few million. Fishdom in 24th also saw a moderate decline.

Just outside the top 20 earners, it is worth mentioning the big-spending Japanese players that caused WFS’ Heaven Burns Red to rocket up the rankings.

It’s an RPG in which you build a team of impractically-dressed female characters, and having posted $8.3m revenue in January, it hit $25m in February.

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