Huge $97m player spend fires Diablo Immortal into August’s top grossing charts


Diablo Immortal was the sixth biggest earner globally in August with $97m in player spend, says new Sensor Tower data.

Immortal’s revenues were up month-on-month by 42% thanks to the game’s launch in China on July 25. China is now the game’s most lucrative market by far, accounting for 61% of global player spend. The second biggest market, the US, represents a fraction over 16% of the $97m generated in August. 

Top earner Tencent’s Honor of Kings accrued $222m in player spend, says Sensor Tower, with 94% of that revenue from China. Second top earner PUBG Mobile grossed $156.3m in revenue worldwide last month, with China accounting for 60.7% of the revenue and the US market in second with 8.8%. They were followed by Mihoyo’s Genshin Impact, King’s Candy Crush Saga and Sony’s Fate/Grand Order in the top grossing rankings.

There are noticeable differences between the App Store and Google Play charts too, with two Lineage games from NCsoft flying high on Google Play, but not present in the App Store top ten earners. It’s worth remembering too that Honor of Kings’ wild success is App Store only, because Google Play is not available in China. Alibaba’s Three Kingdoms Tactics is another notable absence on Android compared to iOS.

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