New Call of Duty mobile game staffs up, sounds like Warzone


Activision is hiring a senior product director in the US and has 16 open roles at Digital Legends in Barcelona to help create what it calls “a hugely ambitious, unannounced mobile game in the COD universe.” Which sounds a lot like COD: Warzone Mobile, doesn’t it.

The job ads are being widely circulated on LinkedIn, with much of the headcount based at developer Digital Legends, which was acquired by ABK in October 2021.

The studio, most famous for its Respawnables games, is based in Barcelona and is now hiring for roles across art, design, engineering, gameplay, operations and production. It is seeking “top class talent for an unannounced mobile title within the Call of Duty universe.”

And in Santa Monica, California, a new senior director of mobile product will oversee “a hugely ambitious, unannounced mobile game in the COD universe”, which “strives to be one of the largest live service games in the world”.

The game is described elsewhere in the job listing as having “a calendar of engagement events, monetization offers and marketing”  and “epic new monthly Seasons.”

Accessibility and “ensuring players have as easy time as is humanly possible to install and re-engage with the game over time” is also a key pillar on the new project.

Warzone Mobile has been rumoured elsewhere before, through job ads and apparent leaks on PlaytestCloud.

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