Street Fighter Duel’s western launch hits $10m in one month


Team battler Street Fighter Duel has earned over $10m in its first month, according to Appmagic data.

It’s important to note that this is the western-only edition of the game – these numbers don’t include big developed Asian markets like Japan and South Korea. It has been released as two separate apps, which cover 50 western markets between them.

By revenue, the top five markets to date are the US with $7.2m earned, then France ($606k), Canada ($479k), UK ($285k) and Australia ($281k).

By downloads, the top markets to date are the US (956k), Brazil (288k) Mexico (150k), UK (140k) and France (111k).

The platform split by downloads shows Google Play on 1.4m installs so far, with iOS on 991k. By revenue, Google Play has claimed $5.4m of the total $10.2m earned to date, with iOS accounting for the remaining $4.8m.

There’s currently a Monster Hunter crossover event live in the game, which is a squad battler that features over 40 characters drawn from across the classic fighting franchise.

Street Fighter: Duel’s western release is a reworked version of a China-only edition of the game, which was published through Tencent in that territory. It is developed by Capcom and Chinese developer Topjoy.

Its western release has been split between two SKUs: Crunchyroll publishes the title in English-speaking markets (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Nordics) and the other edition, published by A Plus Japan, covers Europe, LatAm, MENA and other territories.

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