Summoner’s War maker Com2us is all in on web3 games, with 10 coming this year


Com2us USA president Kyu Lee has told us that the Summoner’s War maker will release more than 10 blockchain games through its web3 label C2X in 2022.

It’ll start with Summoners War: Lost Centuria in April and then Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid not long after that.

Why? Because Lee sees NFT ownership as a next step for hyper engaged, high value players. And he believes the new tech will stop a lot of money “leaking out of the ecosystem” through ad networks.

“We’re building a web3 economy on top of our web2 games,” he tells us. “So in regions like Korea, where web3 is blocked, you’ll just play it just like a normal app store game and you won’t have access to the upper economies within the game. But for the regions where it’s open, you’ll be able to enjoy everything.”

“We’re not doing it for Summoners War, but we’re doing it for all of our future games,” he continues. “Let’s say you have a level nine weapon inside the game, and then when it turns to level 10, you know, you can move it to NFT. So we’re not doing it at the level one stage, because that will cause a lot of friction for people who are not used to NFTs and not used to web3.”

Lee also asserted that web3’s extra revenue streams could also stop mobile gaming’s reliance on ad revenues. “Right now, the bigger problem in the mobile gaming industry is, where’s the money going? So 30% to the App Store and Google –  Apple and Google provide tremendous value to the ecosystem. So them taking 30% is fine. Where’s the other 70% going?”

“I would say more than half of that is going to the advertisers, right?” he continues. “It’s going to Facebook, it’s going to Google, it’s going to all of the advertiser networks. And I think that money is leaking from the ecosystem.”

“I think if if that if all of that money was kicking back into the ecosystem, the games that we’re playing would have been having substantially better production values. The Facebooks and Googles are getting so much bigger and the game game companies are suffering. So I think web3 is also very crucial to containing the value inside the gaming ecosystem.”

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