Supercell kills Clash Quest following recent reboot


Supercell is ending development on tactical puzzler Clash Quest, with servers shutting down for good in late September.

Over the summer, Supercell pushed out an update that completely reset the game’s meta and redesigned big parts of the game, a move referenced in the statement confirming Clash Quest’s cancellation.

“We’ve made the difficult decision to end development of Clash Quest,” it reads. “At Supercell, it’s well known that we set very high standards for our games. Because of this, even after the recent design changes we implemented just before the summer break, we felt Clash Quest still didn’t reach the bar we were aiming for. In the end we feel this is the right decision for the game.”

Supercell outlined the summer reboot changes in the below video, but it seems the tweaks still couldn’t turn the game around.

Players will be able to transfer in-game purchases over to other Supercell games if they contact player support through the help menu within the game.

In-game purchases will now be disabled and the game will be delisted from the markets in which it is available. Server shutdown will begin in around six weeks, in late September. 

Supercell’s statement continued:

“Although this may mark the end of Clash Quest, it is a core value of Supercell’s culture that we take our learnings and apply them to our other games. Exciting opportunities arise as members of the Clash Quest team move on to help develop our new and current games. It was the killing of Smash Land that enabled Clash Royale’s growth!”

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