Ubisoft reveals The Division Resurgence; closed alpha open now


Ubisoft has announced that The Division is coming to mobile, and that players can sign up to participate in closed alpha testing.  

The press release is pretty light on detail, and does not give a proposed soft launch or global launch date. 

It does not confirm which Ubisoft team is making the game, either. A message from the development team on the game’s site says it is being “developed by a core lead team at Ubisoft, in collaboration with other studios & partners around the world.” That will include Tencent, which is helping Ubisoft make Rainbow Six Mobile as well. 

It does say, however, that Resurgence is ‘canon’ in The Division franchise and that it is a third person shooter RPG, just like the big boy console and PC editions.

It’ll have “a new storyline, different classes and challenging enemy factions,” and is open world. It is playable solo or in coop “with a variety of PvE activities, from story missions to world activities” which “build on all the original game modes”. Characters will be customisable and upgradeable, and players will “unlock new specialisations with unique signature weapons and gadgets”.

It is set “contemporary post-crisis New York City” and “offers a unique perspective on key story events” in the first two games. 

We reported back in April that Ubisoft’s other big name IP coming to mobile, Rainbow Six Mobile, is being developed by 11 Ubisoft studios plus Tencent – 12 in total.

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