Warcraft Arclight Rumble is Blizzard’s ‘tower offence’ mobile game


Blizzard finally revealed its much-rumoured mobile game today, Warcraft Arclight Rumble. 

It’s up for pre-reg on Google Play now, but there’s nothing on the App Store as of yet.

It’s an action-strategy game that looks like a beefed up Clash Royale with more complex maps. You command collectible miniature versions of Warcraft characters in what Blizzard is calling a ‘tower offence’ game.

It has a single player campaign, head-to-head PvP battles, coop modes and more. Blizzard says there are over 65 characters to collect, drawn from across the Warcraft universe.

You use Gold to deploy units onto the battlefield, there are Leader characters who have special abilities plus Spells to consider. Leaders come in five different flavours that’ll be familiar to Warcraft players: Alliance, Horde, Beast, Blackrock and Undead. 

Associate game director Adam Kugler and senior 3D Artist Justine Hamer said of the game in the reveal video above: “This is a mobile, strategy, fast-paced, hero-collector and villain-collector game that has a vast PvE campaign. It also has dungeons and raids and PvP and co-op and everything you’d expect of a Warcraft game from Blizzard.”

Blizzard also released a gameplay preview video, which you can watch below.

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