Why is The Witcher: Monster Slayer being killed? It made just $5k last month


It’s no surprise to learn that The Witcher: Monster Slayer is being killed – it earned just $5k last month.

As reported by our friends at VGC, CD Projekt announced yesterday that its Witcher-flavoured take on Pokémon Go will be removed from app stores on January 31 2023. Access to the game will be pulled for all players a few months after that, on June 30.

According to Appmagic data, last month the game made just $5,185 in total, and was downloaded 2,612 times.

The game is developed and run by CD Projekt-owned Polish studio Spokko, and was launched in July 2021. It actually started off okay, given its lack of marketing: it was downloaded 1.1m times and generated over $600k in revenue in its first month.

But both revenue and downloads nosedived almost immediately – four months later, in November 2021, it earned just over $30k and was downloaded a little over 18k times.

The product itself is nicely polished and has some flashy battle scenes.

According to the game’s App Store page, there was a major update six months ago that brought with it new progression systems, new challenges, timed tasks and other balancing tweaks.

But those don’t seem to have worked – revenue has declined every month since it earned just over $20k in July of this year.

Lifetime downloads currently stand at 1.8m, with a total of $1.77m revenue generated to date.

CD Projekt also announced this week that it is ending active development support of its other mobile title, Gwent, after a final batch of 72 cards is added to the game next year. After that, the game will be in the hands of the community.

That game is also not performing too well, given its high profile IP – its monthly earnings dipped under $100k for the first time last month, according to Appmagic data.

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