Call of Duty: Mobile passes 300m downloads, earns Activision over $1bn to date


Activision has raked in over a billion dollars from Call of Duty: Mobile, which has now been downloaded over 300m times. 

Appmagic data sourced by shows that after a spectacular launch in October 2019, the game has settled into an average of 136k daily downloads, earning Activision around $859k per day, based on the last 30 days of data. Based on the same timeframe COD: Mobile earns Activision on average around $5.8m per week, and has earned $25.8m in the last 30 days. 

Appmagic revenue data is based on developer payout, and so does not include the 30% cut the platforms get. Activision co-developed the game with Tencent, which also gets a split of the revenue.

The colossal scale of the launch skews this graph badly, but COD: Mobile is still doing good daily numbers.

COD: Mobile’s launch in 2019 was spectacular. It was downloaded 9.8m times in its first 24 hours, and the next day, October 2 2019, it hit its peak of 10.5m installs in one day. COD: Mobile attracted 51.7m total downloads in its first week of global availability.

The revenue story is very spiky, reflecting the big spend every weekend, plus the regular monthly season updates.

COD: Mobile’s single day revenue peak was on June 13 2020, when Activision earned $2.2m in one day, thanks to the season seven launch.

At the time of writing Activision has earned $1,031,005,874 in lifetime revenue on the title, according to Appmagic.

COD: Mobile players spend big over weekends, so the spend pattern is very spiky. We added a trend line to show that broadly, revenue is rising steadily.

The platform split on downloads is 148m on iOS versus 155m on Google Play. Revenue splits out at $606m on iOS and $424m on Android. 

The geographical split sees the US taking the biggest chunk of downloads (78m), followed by Brazil (28m), India (26m), Mexico (24m) and Russia (18m).

It’s a very different picture on IAP revenue, though US is naturally still top with Activision earning $554m to date. Japan is in second with $138m, then it’s Germany ($32m), Brazil ($30m) and the UK ($27m).

Japan’s big-spending players are notable here, with Activision generating a huge $138m from 7.2m downloads. For comparison, in Germany the game has been downloaded a million more times (8.3m), and has earned Activision much less ($32m).

There’s more COD coming to mobile soon: Activision has said it’ll be revealing Warzone Mobile for the first time during a livestream on September 15.

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