Exclusive Sensor Tower charts: China’s hit Sheep game explained, Survivor.io keeps rolling


Sensor Tower has kindly agreed to send us exclusive download and revenue charts for the US, China, Japan and the UK every week. Here’s the data for September 19-25.

Let’s start with US downloads.

Another week at the top for Habby’s hit shooter Survivor.io, while two new titles break into the combined iOS and Android chart: VNG’s One Punch Man and Playrix’s Township, at nine and ten respectively. 

The top grossing games in the US are a mix of the usual titles, with Candy Crush Saga still on top. Interesting to see Playrix’s Township in here – it has been steadily rising up both the downloads and revenue charts for the last few months. 

In China’s downloads chart, our friends at Two & A Half Gamers have the intel on the number one game, Sheep is a Sheep. Check out their full discussion of the game here – but in short it’s a mahjong-like tile matching game playable through WeChat. It has surged up the charts because of two things, according to Two & A Half Gamers: the ease with which the game and its boosters can be shared within WeChat, and the fact that the second level of the game is nigh-on impossible. 

So it’s created this Flappy Bird-like response among players in China, who are all talking about how hard it is and all trying to beat it. It’s also rumoured to be making huge sums of cash through in-game ads. So now you know. 

Also of note in China this week is 37games’ Little Ant Country, new at four, proving that ant-based empire builders are still a thing after The Ants: Underground Kingdom. There’s also a new game at eight, Rising of Shield Hero, a card-based RPG.

In Japan’s download charts, Forest Fantasy drops a place after debuting at number one in the combined iOS and Android listings last week, with Survivor.io back on top.

The Fallout Shelter-alike Last Fortress: Underground has now launched on Google Play, boosting the game into fifth, and Novastar’s cutesy life sim Nofland Story debuts at seven. 

After its third anniversary live ops Dragon Quest Walk drops from number one to fourth in Japan’s top grossing charts. This means regular top trio Fate/Grand Order, Puzzle & Dragons and Uma Musume Pretty Derby are back in the top three, in that order.

Here in the UK Scopely’s latest buy Stumble Guys is still at the top of the combined iOS and Android download charts. X-Hero is in second, though it would later be removed from both stores – you can read more about all that in last week’s report.

Two Rollic games, Lifting Hero and Coffee Stack, enter the combined chart at six and eight respectively, and Playrix’s Township is new to the top charts at ten. 

Candy Crush Saga is back on top after many weeks of Roblox and Coin Master dominance in the UK’s combined iOS and Android top grossing charts. Candivore’s Match Masters also continues to gather momentum, and is up to tenth in the Google Play revenue listings.

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