Fortnite is back on iOS and Android – kind of – through Xbox Cloud


Epic Games and Microsoft have teamed up to offer mobile players a way to dive into Fortnite without going through Google Play or the App Store. 

Players can now sign up to streaming service Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is still in Beta and only available in 26 countries, then head to in their browser and sign in.

They can then choose to play Fortnite with touch controls or a supported controller, and they can play for free – no membership required. Only certain devices are supported, and gameplay obviously relies on a solid connection.

Naturally, Tim Sweeney had a pop at Apple as part of the announcement on Twitter, saying: “Monumental news everyone! Fortnite is now available to play FOR FREE streaming to web browsers on iPhone, iPad, and Android via Xbox Cloud. No subscription required, no 30% Apple tax.”

He also quote-tweeted another user complaining that installing Apple Music had kicked Spotify off their iPhone’s dock.

Microsoft’s Catherine Gluckstein, Xbox Cloud Gaming’s vice president and head of product, said of the move: “It’s an important step to add a free-to-play title to the cloud gaming catalog as we continue our cloud journey. We’re starting with Fortnite and will look to bring more free-to-play games people love in the future.”

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