Here’s Trombone Hero, Trombone Champ’s inevitable mobile clone


You’ve all seen Trombone Champ by now, right? It went super viral last month, and so of course someone has made their own version for mobile.

Sensor Tower says Trombone Hero was released on October 8th, so pretty quick to market after the original game shot to internet fame mid-September.

The game has already been updated twice with new backgrounds, songs, modes and more by Czech developer Legal Base Art, which is clearly building as it goes – there’s an early access watermark in the top right of the screen.

Ads appear after each round, and there are no IAPs in the game or any meta to speak of.

There are currently 14 playable songs. Here it is in action, our stunning rendition of Richard Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra, better known as the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sorry:

It is getting traction on the App Store in Japan and Korea, where it is currently number 15 and 43 respectively in the free iPhone games charts. It is outside the top 200 on Android in those nations, however.

Trombone Hero has not troubled the charts in the west just yet; it is outside the top 200 free games in the US, UK and major European markets on both iOS and Android, at the time of writing.

It’s been quite a year for mobile games ‘heavily inspired’ by hit PC and console games. Fall Guys clone Stumble Guys exploded over the summer, and has since passed 265m downloads and $60m in revenue. Scopely bought the game from original developer Kitka Games last month.

Survivor!.io, a shooter reminiscent of Steam hit Vampire Survivors, has also been tearing up the charts, with 37m downloads and $75m revenue to date.

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