Into the Breach is coming exclusively to Netflix games on July 19th


Netflix just announced that Into the Breach will be coming to mobile through the streaming service on July 19. 

In a tweet announcing the move Netflix said that it is the “exact same game as other platforms”, has a “new touch screen interface” and includes the Advanced Edition content. 

Like all other Netflix titles, it’ll be free to download and carry no IAPs or ads. 

Over on LinkedIn, the streaming giant’s games publishing operations lead Ben Kvalo added that the Netflix-exclusive edition of the game also includes “new mechs and weapons”, “new challenges”, “new pilot abilities” and “7 new languages”.

It’s yet another sign Netflix is stepping up its games efforts after an announcement-packed Netflix Geeked Week stream which brought news of games from Ustwo, Devolver and more, plus titles based on Netflix shows like The Queen’s Gambit. 

Netflix has also been busily hiring a whole load of top tier talent from across the games business in the last year. 

It also confirmed yesterday that four other titles, including Sam Barlow’s Immortality and cult indie game Before Your Eyes, were coming to the service in July.

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