New games now: Bethesda’s surprise Elder Scrolls drop, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Eve and New Star’s latest hit


Sound clever in meetings with this concise snapshot of the new games you need to know about.

Here every Friday you’ll find big games gone global, fresh soft launches, the latest release dates and everything in between.

The Elder Scrolls: Castles (Bethesda)

Surprise! Bethesda dropped a new Fallout Shelter-like game set in the Elder Scrolls universe on Google Play yesterday. It’s labelled as early access, and is US only at the moment.

It’s not been formally announced on any of Bethesda’s social channels, and appears to take the Fallout Shelter formula and add some team-based battles on top.

Resident Evil 4: Remake + Village (Capcom)

A week after these two were revealed as coming to iPhone 15 and recent iPads, they have both gone into pre-order. Resident Evil Village is up first, arriving on those high-end devices on October 30. It’ll be a hefty $39.99, and its DLC will cost an extra $19.99.

Resident Evil 4’s remake has a looser “later this year” release window. Touch Arcade spotted that it will be free to download, but the full game will cost $59.99 to unlock. Extra DLC will cost a further $19.99. Yikes.

Mortal Kombat: Onslaught (Warner Bros.)

This is available to pre-order on iOS and Android, but there’s been very little publicity around it to date – the App Store listing suggests it’s coming on October 17, which should be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s a squad battler, not a ‘proper’ fighting game, and was first announced around a year ago.

Eve Galaxy Conquest (CCP Games)

Eve maker CCP’s Shanghai studio is making a new free-to-play 4X strategy game, which will soft launch on iOS and Android “in Q4 2023” ahead of a global launch in 2024. It was announced at Eve Fanfest last week, but there’s no game footage yet and there’s only one piece of key art out there, which is above.

SpongeBob Adventures: In a Jam! (Whaleapp/Tilting Point)

Another new Spongebob game arrived on iOS and Android this week, a builder made by Whaleapp and published by Tilting Point.

Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind (Boss Fight)

This new interactive story game launched this week, and is tied into the new season of reality show Love Is Blind, which premiered last Friday. It is made by US studio Boss Fight, which Netflix acquired in March 2022.

The streaming giant said as part of the announcement that new ‘Netflix Stories’ games based on shows Virgin River and Money Heist are also incoming.

Retro Bowl College (New Star Games)

This has been at or near the top of the US charts for the last week, a spin-off of New Star Games’ surprise hit Retro Bowl. Like its predecessor, it’s a mix of action and management, similar to the UK studio’s original breakthrough game New Star Soccer.

Fun Run 4 (DirtyBit)

Pre-reg is now open on both iOS and Android for the fourth Fun Run game from DirtyBit, which launches globally on October 16.

Subpar Pool (Grapefrukt)

This is the new game from the maker of Twofold Inc, Rymdkapsel and Holedown, a mix of golf and pool that’s sure to be a good time. It’s coming to iOS, Android, Steam and Switch on October 12.

Tangle Tower (SFB Games)

This is another former Apple Arcade game that’s come out on the regular iOS and Android app stores. It’s a detective game and critics’ favourite from the maker of Switch cult favourite Snipperclips.

Ticket to Ride (Marmalade)

A new title based on this board game is coming to mobile in 2024, following on from a Steam launch in November 2023. It’s a collab between board game specialist Marmalade, Embracer-owned Asmodee and Twin Sails Interactive.

The Wreck (The Pixel Hunt)

The Wreck is a visual novel from the maker of the critically-acclaimed Bury Me, My Love. It’s out now on iOS and Android and has already been released on PC and console, where it got some glowing reviews.

Delicious: Cooking And Romance (GameHouse)

This is the 19th(!) entry in the Delicious series, another time-management romance game starring Emily and an ever-expanding cast of characters.

Dobble Go! (Amuzo)

Amuzo is teaming up with board game maker Asmodee and developer Zygomatic for this new mobile game version of the word game. There’s no release date yet, though.

Afar Rush (Lava Labs)

This runner from UK studio Lava Labs is live “in 90 countries and counting”, according to the developer’s LinkedIn page.

Reverse: 1999 (Bluepoch Games)

This time-travel RPG is coming to iOS, Android and PC on October 26, and got a fresh trailer at Tokyo Games Show. It’s also in pre-order now.

Astra: Knights of Veda (Hybe)

This side scrolling action-RPG is coming to iOS, Android and PC by the end of the year. It’ll be published by Korean firm Hybe and is developed by BlitzKeep maker Flint.

Cypher 007 (Tilting Point)

This week’s new Apple Arcade launch is an original, officially-licensed James Bond game from Tilting Point. It’s an isometric spy adventure starring familiar folks from the 007 universe.

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