Q1 2022 player spending down double digits in US and Japan, says Sensor Tower


Sensor Tower has just released its State of Mobile Gaming 2022 report, which is packed with interesting trends and insights. 

So here’s a quick digest of the more intriguing data points:

  • Q1 2022 worldwide mobile game revenue broke $21bn, but was down 6% YOY
  • Mobile game downloads for the same period were stable at about 14bn
  • U.S. player spending declined by 10% YOY to $5.8bn in Q1 2022
  • Japan revenue also decreased in the same period by 18% YOY to $4.2bn
  • Lineage W was the only new entry in the Q1 2022 top 10 grossing chart
  • India was the largest market for mobile game downloads in Q1 2022 with 2.2bn installs – 15% of total worldwide downloads
  • Brazil has cemented its spot as third largest market in terms of downloads, and could overtake the US soon if current trends continue
  • Taiwan has overtaken Germany as fifth largest market
  • Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand are growing rapidly, with Argentina also on the rise 
  • RPG was top mobile game genre by worldwide revenue in 2021, followed by Strategy and Puzzle
  • Action was the fastest-growing genre worldwide, with player spending rising by 58% YOY in 2021, largely driven by Genshin Impact

There’s plenty more insight in the full report. 

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