Ubisoft’s ‘four promising mobile titles’ include Rainbow Six and The Division – are Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry next?


Ubisoft is committed to spreading its “biggest IPs across all platforms,” says CEO Yves Guillemot, who believes opening out those properties will “bring them to new levels in the coming years”.

Guillemot made the comments as part of the Ubisoft Q4 2022 earnings call yesterday, amid ongoing speculation around the company’s ownership.

He batted away the expected questions about retaining independence and M&A activity, but speaking alongside CFO Frédérick Duguet, there was a little bit more detail on the status of its mobile output. 

Guillemot referenced Rainbow Six Mobile and The Division Mobile, and kept returning to the phrase “biggest IPs across all platforms” as Ubisoft confirmed again that it has several mobile titles in development with Tencent. It’s likely that Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry mobile games are part of that work.

“We have ambitious plans to grow our biggest franchises with notably four promising mobile games under development, and to expand our overall portfolio with new IPs and massive entertainment licensed brands,” said Guillemot.

“We are diversifying our operations through more business models, more platforms and we are continuing to grow our recurring profile.”

Ubisoft Q4 2022 headline figures in brief:

  • 9% of Ubisoft’s Q4 2022 net bookings are from its mobile games – that works out at $62m, which is flat YOY 
  • Q4 2022 net bookings across all formats totalled $693m (€664.2m), up 37% (or 33.7% at constant exchange rates) YOY
  • In an outlook “reflecting general prudence”, projected net bookings for Q1 22-23 are $292m (€280m)

According to Sensor Tower total Ubisoft mobile app revenue in April 2022 was around $3m ($2m on iOS apps and $1m on Android). Ubisoft’s total mobile app downloads in April stood at 19m (5m iOS, 14m Android). Top grossing game last month was Might & Magic: Era of Chaos, and its most downloaded app was Hungry Shark Evolution.

We reported a few weeks back that Ubisoft has a whopping 11 studios – plus Tencent – working on Rainbow Six Mobile, which is expected to release this year. 

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