Roblox nears 55m DAUs; Q4 revenues up 83%


Roblox estimated it hit 54.7m daily active users in January 2022 as it reported its latest financials. 

Q4 2021 highlights included:

  • Revenue up 83% over Q4 2020 to $568.8m
  • Average DAUs of 49.5m, up 33% YOY
  • Average bookings per DAU (ABPDAU) of $15.57

And the full year 2021 highlights were:

  • Revenue up 108% over fiscal year 2020 to $1.9bn
  • DAUs were 45.5m, up 40% YOY
  • ABPDAU of $59.85

In the post-results earnings call, Baszucki was keen to point out a couple of things not in the earnings release. He stated that the player segment aged 17-24 grew 51% year-on-year, and that the player base in Japan and India grew over 100% YOY. The company is also working on executing live brand experiences and concerts “as fast as they can”.

He also talked about how the company wants to turn MAUs into DAUs, making Roblox a quicker, even more ubiquitous daily habit rather than an evenings-and-weekends virtual playground experience.

And there was talk on how brands like Gucci, Nike and Vans are engaging with the platform through virtual experiences, with many more to come – though Baszucki and CFO Guthrie would not be pushed on which ones they considered to be most successful. 

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